Alabama Democratic Victory is your online hub for:

  • party and candidate information for all State House, State Senate and Statewide candidates

  • important voting deadlines and links to voter registration

  • opportunities to volunteer or donate to the campaigns closest to home


For too long Alabama’s representatives have not been truly representative. With Republicans serving as the de facto super majority, the problems of hardworking Alabamians have been sidelined. Issues like affordable healthcare, education reform, and job opportunity—issues with real impact on the lives of real Alabamians—are exactly the issues Republicans are committed to fighting against.

This November presents an opportunity to finally shift the status quo. Seizing on the enthusiasm generated by not only the inspiring victory of Doug Jones but also the blue wave sweeping our nation, we have a historical chance to make important shifts in our state and federal legislature—shifts that will benefit all Alabamians.

We know that like us, you are committed to being on the #rightsideofhistory, and that you are aware of the unparalleled impact of the upcoming elections. Please join us—your participation could make the difference!

Alabama Democratic Victory is funded by Democratic Victory Fund, a PAC with the objective of electing a Democratic majority to the Alabama state legislature.