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A message from Alabama Democratic Victory.

The past week has been difficult for Alabama women and their families. While the horrifying legislation passed by Alabama Republicans and signed into law by Governor Ivey is a major blow to Constitutional reproductive rights and women’s health, we will not give up. We are organizing, we are fighting back, and we are working to get Democrats up and down the ballot in 2020 and beyond. Please consider helping our efforts by chipping in whatever you can at this contribution link.

The #AlabamaAbortionBan is not pro-life, it is only pro-birth. It continues Republican policies of abandoning our citizens the moment they are born through bottom-tier nutrition, housing, health and education programs.

The ban is not pro-health. If allowed to become law, it will damage women’s health and drive doctors away from a state that is a leader in infant mortality, maternal mortality, cervical cancer, and myriad other systemic women’s health issues.

The ban is not fiscally responsible. It will cost Alabama millions upon millions of dollars in court costs in a fight that we will ultimately win.

The ban is not pro-business. Like North Carolina’s bathroom bill, it has the potential to drive away billions of dollars in economic and job development in a state that sorely needs it.

The ban is not Alabama. This is not who we are. What 25 white men in the Alabama State Senate decided for millions of Alabamians does not reflect our values.

We’re not giving up and neither should you. We will fight this and we will win.



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House District 74 Special Election

Nov 12, 2019